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Why you shouldn’t let a grannie have an iPhone

February 19, 2012

OK, so I am becoming quite tekky (for me) as I have written a novel and am just waiting now while friends and family proof read it. While waiting to make corrections and changes it seemed a good idea to set up this site in readiness to promote my book.

The evening I set it up I emailed friends and family so they could take a look and I soon started to get messages from WordPress asking me to check out and appprove (or otherwise) the responses.

I shut my laptop down just before going to bed and then could hear my iPhone (which I haven’t had long as it was a birthday present last month) letting me know I had a message. Well, I couldn’t see it as the text was too small when I opened the internet site; so I got a magnifying glass and sat there trying to angle the phone and magnifier under my reading lamp and my poor husband nearly died laughing!

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  1. Well done for finishing the book! Have you got onto doing cover design and things yet? I’ve just started revising my books for e books and haven’t even thought of things like that.

  2. A friend has just returned my latest paper copy with corrections so am just about to do yet another revision. I have an idea for a cover design but haven’t got as far as doing it yet as I want to have a finished book first. You say ‘book’ plural – how many have you written?

  3. More unpublished ones than I like to count, three and a half have been published (the half was a genre romance written under a pseudonym for Robert Hale and probably deserves to stay buried).

    • You are doing better than me. Only just finishing book one and book two started, haven’t attempted to publish as yet

  4. The great thing about publishing on Amazon Kindle is that if there are mistakes you can just upload the file again. OK so a few people might have the old version and you have to email Amazon to email the people who downloaded it so they get the new version. To me it is too late after they have read it.
    No matter how hard you check there will be tiny errors and one day you just have to publish. I had lots of people check mine and still there were errors. When it went to print I re-read my book again as you can order a sample copy before it is printed, this is when I really noticed a few more.

    With the printed version you have to go through the whole process again, so that’s the one to get 100% right.

    I hope to be your first buyer of the Kindle book as your review of my book was perfect, but you know that, LOL.

  5. I have tried the patience of my nearest and dearest over the last couple of days, at least, I am only admitting to its being for the last couple of days!! In spite of this one of my good friends is doing the ‘last ever’ proof reading for me and my husband has agreed to do a drawing for my book cover.

    I’d like to think that my review of your book was honest, Steve – I don’t know about perfect, lol

    One of the things I’m finding hardest to do is a precis of my book, something that will wet potential reader’s appetites and encourage them to download a copy. I’ll try to work on an interesting but short precis over the next couple of days whilst chopping down a fig tree and emptying our kitchen in readiness for the new floorboards to be laid!

  6. From what I have read Lorna the hardest thing to do in publishing is to do a precis of your own book. But I am sure you will come up with something good.

    This is why I try to use your review as much as I can as It is what I wanted to say about my book, but could not find the words.

  7. Hi Lorna

    Thanks for your return comment on Amazon to Clarissa.

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