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The paperback edition of The Primrose Door is now available

April 14, 2013
Here it is, a real book!

Here it is, a real book! It can be ordered from Amazon

You can take a look inside if you would like to. I have had great fun writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it. There are a few nice reviews on Amazon from people who have read the kindle version, which is also available from Amazon (

Now I can, hopefully, continue writing the sequel. I had originally planned to start the sequel five years on from where this book finishes, but I have had complaints from friends who have read it who want to know what happens next! I feel very honoured that some readers feel that the characters have taken on a life of their own; it certainly feels that way to me when I write about them. So, I have ‘shelved’ the original sequel for now and am writing a new one that begins five months after The Primrose Door ends. All will be revealed in good time.

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  1. Hi Lorna – I have just bought your book with some of the money I got from Ziggy for my Birthday. I am half way through it already and can’t put it down. Jamie’s wife Stacey wants to borrow it when i’m finished with it but I said she’s got to buy her own – got to keep your sales up. I am going to tell all my friends at Zumba to go and buy it too. I always knew you were a brain box but wow! I have just read a book which was short listed for the orange prize and it was absolute rubbish! In your book, I am living every moment with the characters you have made so real. Good luck with the sequel. I shall put my order in now!

    Bye for now, Wendy

  2. Thanks so much – I am very glad you enjoyed it but I don’t know about being a brain box!! They say you should ‘write about what you know’ and that is just what I have done. I will be glad of all the publicity I can get because the trouble with self publishing is that it is just that – and only myself and those like you to push it for me!


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