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I have  two sons and two lovely grandsons. I am divorced and remarried and I have just celebrated my 60th birthday. In 2006 I gave up a stressful life contracting in the UK and we ‘ran away’ to France where we have been renovating the house we now live in since 1996.

I’d like to be able to say it is finished – and we thought it was until a large hole appeared in front of the woodburning stove in our kitchen where the floorboards have crumbled to dust!

I love gardening, and much to the amusement of many I ‘garden by the moon’. No, that doesn’t mean I go out at night, just that I do things by the various phases of the moon as people have done for centuries. I don’t use any chemicals on my garden.

I have just finished writing a novel and have started on the sequel. When I am neither gardening nor writing we like to entertain friends as my husband and I both love cooking.

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  1. Brenda Arkley permalink

    Hi Lorna, I cannot believe this is you, I am Brenda who lived next door to you and I am so happy to hear from you and know you are doing well. You book looks amazing and I would love it if you would contact me. I am also beginning to write a book for my grand children so I find your new enterprise very exciting and am delighted that you are still enjoying your life in France. I so remember Alan packing up the car with lumber for the roof etc. anyway I will hold all the gossip until you contact me if you wish to so that of course. Kind regards, Brenda and Dennis

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