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A very big THANK YOU to Alison Shore

I am not very good at taking advice and I don’t usually admit to this in public! However, it is true and I was advised to have a professional book cover made. Well, sorry Steve Bichard and Jo Harrison for not listening, and, as I say at the top of here ‘A very big Thank You, indeed, to Alison Shore for making the book cover look 100% better than  it did when I tried to make it!

A very Happy Christmas to everyone

I am having a great day, I hope everyone who reads this is also having a good time. A few days ago I sent out an email to all the contacts on our email address book that I thought might remember who we are, to tell them that my book is available to download on Amazon. I have had some really lovely ‘blast from the past’ replies and am particularly pleased with one I got today. I may be feeling soppy because it is Christmas but I really feel that keeping in touch with family and friends is the best part.

I’ve got my very first review

The first review, and it is a good one. As far as I know Sally is the first to have finished my book after downloading, so the first person to have read it apart from my 5 proof readers. I am very nervous with regard to what everyone else will think of it!


My Book

My Book

The Primrose Door

I was warned that checking the stats on Amazon could become addictive!

I have hardly told anyone about the book yet (am just about to do an all contacts email) but I have sold 13 downloads already; 10 on Amazon UK and 3 on Amazon France. I must stop looking at the Amazon stats and get on and tell more people it is there!


Here it is on Amazon

Click here to see the book on Amazon

The Primrose Door by Lorna Cooke

Well, I I have done it! Trouble is I wanted to acknowledge Alan as illustrator of the front cover and he shows as joint author until one clicks further on in Amazon and he shows as illustrator. That has given me an idea – I wonder if I can get him to do me a line drawing at the beginning of each chapter for the paperback? Now there is a thought!

I think I have done it!

Last night I uploaded my book onto Amazon Kindle as an ebook. I got up with great anticipation this morning to find an email from Amazon telling me I’d made an error on the submission form so they had put my book into ‘Review status’. I have corrected the error and my book should be ready for download in the next few hours

Why you shouldn’t let a grannie have an iPhone

OK, so I am becoming quite tekky (for me) as I have written a novel and am just waiting now while friends and family proof read it. While waiting to make corrections and changes it seemed a good idea to set up this site in readiness to promote my book.

The evening I set it up I emailed friends and family so they could take a look and I soon started to get messages from WordPress asking me to check out and appprove (or otherwise) the responses.

I shut my laptop down just before going to bed and then could hear my iPhone (which I haven’t had long as it was a birthday present last month) letting me know I had a message. Well, I couldn’t see it as the text was too small when I opened the internet site; so I got a magnifying glass and sat there trying to angle the phone and magnifier under my reading lamp and my poor husband nearly died laughing!

Look out, I am here!

Where shall I begin? I have just written a book which I plan to publish as a kindle book to begin with. I am new to blogging so please be gentle with me!

I have lived in France since 2006 but we have been renovating our house since we bought it in 1996. We have great French and Breton friends in our small hamlet, and some lovely ex-pat friends who don’t live too far away.

There is a very good book called Vantastic France by Steve Bichard that describes very well, indeed, what it is like living here as an English ex-pat.